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Commercial Umbrella Liability

Commercial umbrella liability insurance is an important source of protection that supplements the limits of an insured's underlying policies such as general liability, automobile liability, and employers liability. Umbrellas also protect insureds from exclusions and gaps that exist in their primary liability insurance.

Covered causes of loss that are not normally included in primary policies are subject to a self-insured retention (SIR), which is the responsibility of the insured to pay. SIRs in the amounts of $10,000 or $25,000 are common.

An umbrella policy's coverage is triggered when the limits of the underlying insurance have been exhausted. Less commonly, an umbrella may also respond to a claim that is not covered by an underlying policy, but only when the loss amount exceeds the self-insured retention.

i3 can provide limits to $100,000,000 on excess policies where required.

The capacity to write risks with 99% US sales combined with limits up to $40 million allows i3 to be extremely competitive in the market place.

Why do you need i3 Underwriting?

One reason may be that i3 aims to add efficiencies for both the broker and insurer through the introduction of easy to use, on-line services.